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SWR-250 & 300 Ink & Emulsion Removing System

The SWR-Series are custom designed non-conveyorized screen washing and reclaiming systems designed for small to medium sized facilities. These series automate the screen reclaiming process without the expense or space considerations of the conveyorized SWR Series. The SWR-Series removes ink and emulsion from screens.



  • Fully Enclosed Housing—Enclosed housing minimizes occupational exposure to chemicals. Keeps water and moisture contained for a cleaner working environment.
  • Programmable—Microprocessor controlled system provides optimum cycle control.
  • Chemical Application System—Lowers chemical use and unnecessary disposal (optional).
  • Compact—Designed for facilities with limited space.
  • Built to your Specification

System Capabilities:

  • Process Chamber: 2 Screens Ink Remover & 2 Screens Emulsion Remover/Cycle
  • Capacity:  up to 65 Screens/Hour
  • Screen Sizes: Up to 25” x 36”
  • Dip Tank Rinse: 4 Screens
  • Dip Tank Emulsion Remover: 4 Screens  
  • Models: SWR-250 & SWR-300