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Hot Box Screen Dryers

Named ”HOT BOX” for its ample screen capacity. This innovative dryer incorporates a roll-in rack design answering the need for more volume in your drying chamber. It is a real production booster. When ordered as a two-sided pass-through unit, it provides safe, convenient service to both your coating and exposing areas. It has never been as easy to set up a maximum efficiency and flexible screen production drying area. Depending on your screen capacity and screen processing layout needs, this versatile drying chamber is available in several configurations; from a one to four-door model. Depending on the size of your screens and the unit chosen.



  • Significantly reduces exposure, developing and printing problems caused by changing humidity levels in screen-making and printing areas
  • Better screen processing through closely controlled drying
  • Stencil life extended because the stencil is thoroughly dry before exposure and printing
  • Reductions in rejects and touch-up caused by dust contamination
  • Gasket Sealed Door Preventing Air Leakage
  • 180 Degree Door Swing (Stays-Open beyond 90 Degrees & Self-Close under 90 Degrees)


  • System Controller: Control Drying Time and Temperature (Auto/Manual)
  • Environment Control: Electrically Controlled Heat & Humidity Monitors
  • Precise Air Distribution: Louvered Duct Delivery for Even Air Exchange
  • Magnetic Gasket Seal: Air Tight Seal to Prevent Air Leakage
  • HEPA Air Filtration System: Prevents Contamination during Air Drying Process


  • Rack Capacity: Up to 2 Screen Racks
  • Height Limit: Up to 75 Inches
  • Optional:
    • Electrostatic Air Filtration
    • Conveyorized Units Available

Models: Single-Door and Double-Door Dryers 

Customizable Units to Customer Requirements

Please contact your Image Technology representative to provide Screen Dryer specifications to meet your needs.