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ER-640 SUPRA Dip Tank Emulsion & Ink Remover

Use 640 SUPRA in your Dip Tank to completely remove Emulsion & Ink. Mix in your Dip Tank up to 1 part ER-640 SUPRA to 5 parts Water. When this product is used per recommended specifications by Certified Representative it will dissolves plastisol and water base ink, water soluble screen blockout, direct emulsion and capillary film as well as tape adhesive residue from screens. 

640 SUPRA is recommended to reduce labor, supply, and improve process efficiency in smaller to medium sized businesses. This product is recommended to be used in Image Technology's stainless steel dip tanks built to the customers specifications. 



Card off excess ink from screens

Place screen(s) in Dip Tank

Let Soak (until emulsion softens -- depends on type of emulsion)

Remove and Pressure Wash Screens -- Flood Rinse to Finish 

If stubborn stains remain, use an approve Image Technology stain remover, scrub, and rinse.